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Does anyone else feel like we are being fed a fraudulent reality ?

Covid to me is just a way for the elite to try and restrict our rights and movement, they are also trying to divide us based on race.


Lol can’t the sheep just use ad home cause they are  Propagandized and never go outside 

Update 2:

The sheep just use ad homs

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  • 6 months ago

    You are more full of bullschit than a junior rodeo.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Trump and his propagandists are the ones feeding us a false reality.  Looks like you took a big bite of it.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Idiot. They have Trump and Infowars to do that,

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You are an idiot.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Because you're being brainwashed by republicans. its all lies. wake up, fool

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