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Why was everyone an asshole/***** to Alex in "Final Destination" after the plane crash?

As though Alex caused it. The teacher becomes a ***** LMAO. But then the character's attitude is probably not unlike the person portraying her. She was on that unpopular racist "Mad About You" (the anti-"Seinfeld" show from which "Friends" was based on). Then there's his pal's parents. The cops even treat him like assholes, although more the cop who isn't Weine. Weine is actually nice to him. The other is an asshole. The ******* bully, Carter.

Except for Clear and his parents, it seems the whole town hates him, why?


The bully I can understand cause teens, we're like that. But the adults who hated Alex were despicable. I know types like them in New York. Typical Yankee "Friends"-watching "bro"-hating Allied white arrogance. I know assholes like the father of Alex's friend in New York, and bitches like that guy's wife and the teacher. It's New York in its purest form. The movie is set in New York, btw.

Update 2:


There is no evidence he blew it up. And it's pretty obvious he didn't. They weren't upset about him doing it. They treated him like was a freak

Update 3:


Factually that and "Friends" are racists shows you dumb idiots. No brains. Little child should go back to play with the children. And I'm no Democrat. You sound like pothead who smoked crack. XD

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    It is believed that he blew up the plane...wouldn't you also think that? could take months or years before enough evidence is compiled to make a case against him...that is what everyone would be thinking

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    1 month ago

    Crazy people are stupid, Nuyoricans suck, Friends is better than Seinfeld, and gays are amazing people.

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