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How rare are fixer uppers that only need cosmetic work?

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    Very rare because those places that only need cosmetic work aren't really fixer-uppers.  Fixer uppers require things like new roofs, all new electrical work, sometimes shoring up of foundations, replacing walls and flooring due to water damage or termites or dry rot or whatever.  All you have to do is watch HGTV and DIY networks to see what comes up on a true fixer upper.

    Cosmetic work isn't a fixer upper.  We're talking interior design and painting, wallpapering, etc is design.  It isn't "fixing" anything; it is just changing something to suit your personal taste.  Big difference.

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    Those aren't fixer uppers.  Those are ugly houses that just need a good cleaning and sometimes, at item replacement, such as a new toilet or new cabinets.

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    Fairly rare and they sell very quickly and they go for a price where you can only make a little bit on money on them because there is so much competition to buy them.  But every so often you might find one.

  • 1 month ago

    Pretty rare.  That's not really a fixer upper.

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