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Does he not care if we visit him or not??

My baby's father is going into the Navy and he said he's leaving in a few months. He never met his son who is one years old now. We recently started talking again and he mentioned my son and I flying up to see him. We planned for the middle of August but I cancelled those plans because I heard there was a spike in Covid cases where he lives. He also told me before that he needs my son's Social Security card for the Navy and that when I told him that I wasn't coming up in August, he told me that he still needs the SS card. I told him I'll send it and I did send it a few days ago and he hasn't mentioned anything about visiting him since then. I really want to ask him but I also don't because I feel like if he really wanted us to come visit him that he would ask about it. But I also REALLY want to know what our plans are. I bought plane tickets for the day in August that we originally were going to visit him and had to cancel those because of Covid. The airplane people said I have 2 years to be able to still book a flight with the voucher I have from cancelling my last flight.

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    He does not NEED a physical card of the SSN. He just need the numbers of the SSN. Now that I think about it, he is probably lying.Also link this it military stuff. Navy members would know this better than me, but in the army we just need the number of a person's SSN not a physical form. On top of that it is not required to give other people's SSN. It is a option, I am an HR so I deal with these kind of thing. 

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