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True or False: Today’s generation sucks?

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    And it's our fault.

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    It's not their fault. They were on the receiving end of a massive military-grade psyops attack by the O' administration, which has recently stirred back to life. The technique is straightforward. The subject of such an attack is methodically separated from their own sensibilities and is left in a state where they are easily manipulated. Unfortunately, in most cases, it's irreversible. 

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    Every new generation has their own problems to solve and human beings are pretty much the same in every generation.  Some were raised with the work ethic, morality, responsibility, independence, self-reliance, common sense, good mental and emotional health and problem solving skills as well as life skills.

    Others were not.

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    in what respect?

    I think today's generation is probably a little better actually.

  • Every older generation says that about the new generation. I was born in '97, so of course I think people younger than me suck. And they think I suck. It's what makes the world go 'round.

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