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Does my older brother have a mental problem, such as a delusional disorder?

My older brother was a great student in H.S. Got mostly As and did very well in his AP/SAT/PSAT tests. Got into a great college. Eventually, he and my parents decided to go to an average ranked state school. He did pre med .

Long story short, he did terribly. Failed many of his classes (like Organic cem. some bio. classes. etc. ) He got into a masters program(SMP) because he still wanted to go to medical school, failed it. Did a second masters to get in to med school, failed it. Did a third masters. Passed it, and did pretty well (like a 3.6 gpa) because he created all all the tests because of COVID. He got friends in his class to cheat with him.

He also got a VERY high Mcat score (like in the top 4%). He took the mcat 3 times

Do people who try this hard to get something usually have some kind of mental problem? After 2 attempts on his masters, it seems odd to me that he still tries to get into medical school to this day. He also tells me that he is a genius and has an extremely high IQ. He tells me that if he went to a better college that he got into, he could of been a doctor and got all As in all this classes. I asked him why he did not do well in college if he is so smart, and he told me that its because he is unmotivated to do well in a shitty public school. He took an IQ test to prove how smart he was and scored a 110; but he still assumes he is a misunderstood genius.



He claims that he is not a doctor because of my parents. He told me that if my parents encouraged to go to a better college instead of that "shitty state school" he could of been a doctor by now and he failed a lot of science courses due to a lack of motivation of going to a shitty college.

He thinks he is a genius based on his H.S grades and Mcat scores.

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    I can speak from experience, I wasn't very popular at school but got all A's and was put on a pedastol for that. I also played sport but sucked. So when you get all A's and that's what you are good at and what congratulate you on you feel smart, talented and that this needs to be you. So who are the smartest people? Doctors? Lecturers? Who knows? Well I can tell you no matter how smart you are the smartest are the people who do what makes them happy. If you got good grades in school you are lucky as you aren't blocked by bad grades in pursuing any job that you'd enjoy.

    So it sounds like your brother likes being smart so a doctor seems to be the route to go, however the exams are exceptionally difficult. Personally I think you need to be 100% interested and motivated to learn and do all the tedious work necessary and you need to know, that at the end of it this is your dream job, now there is a chance he doesn't have the ability and is trying so hard but it doesn't sound like that unless he's not that smart. 

    I was happier doing things that I wanted to do and even though I suck at sport I enjoyed it and improved enough to play casually as a hobby. 

    The mental problem is being dishonest with himself and trying to go for something just so he can say he is smart instead of excelling in a subject he loves and enjoying his life, otherwise he's chasing his tail. 

    Another possibility is lying to himself as he's just not good enough but why? Is he interested? Could his talents be used elsewhere? 

    Either way he needs to enjoy what he studies and set realistic goals. 

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    6 months ago

    My thoughts are you're either feeding us a line of bull or you've been fed a line of bull. Your little story is replete with examples that are so cockamamie that they stretch credulity, and combining them together into a veritable daisy chain of one far-fetched daisy after another, well the improbabilities multiply to the infinitesimal. While I'm not about to list daisy-for-daisy, I'll not leave you without any example, so here's one: one does not take the MCAT three times and land in the top 4%, or even, as you put it, "like the top 4%."

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