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Which girl should I go out with? ?

Aimee: 21, lives 5m from my house, pretty, friends with my friends gf's friend.I've only recently started speaking with her, she likes me so there's good potential to go out with me.

Tara: 26, lives 70m away, has been my secret crush for over a year (not sure if she likes me that much though), very pretty too. We have recently got in touch and this has, made me think about Aimee and me, there was no question until Tara suddenly came back into my head. 

So basically Aimee is awesome and new and won't interfere with my life too much in the sense that I'll have to travel far and I do like her. Tara is in my head and heart for some reason but we haven't spoken in months until of course out of the blue when things started going well with Aimee. Tara seems like a gamble and maybe I'll find myself in a months time wishing I had persuid Aimee, Aimee seems to be the safe bet, I just don't know if I like her yet.

Tara loves to travel, she goes on a holiday every 6 weeks, even last month she was in Italy for 2 weeks, even if things went well I'd be afraid I couldn't commit to that or afford it and I might be boring then. Aimee is more like me in that sense, we book our holidays once a year maybe twice or a few weekends away. Neither like sport where as I love it, Tara's is into hiking which I'd enjoy but that's about the height of sport. 

I'm asking here because I may go for it with one but a nightmare scenario would be getting with neither or going too far and hurting one. 

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    You need to learn to distinguish between love and infatuation. It seems to me (and I could be wrong), that what you really want someone to tell you it's okay to dump Aimee for Tara.

    Furthermore, if you think Aimee is "safe" then you do not understand that there is no guarantees in relationships; there is no such thing as a risk-free relationship just as nothing in life is risk-free.

    Even more puzzling is why you think going out and getting to know about someone means if you should find out it is not a good match you can't go on to someone else?  Do you not understand the purpose or  dating?  Could it be so you can learn about who the other person is before you commit?  I don't know what it is about your generation that cannot understand this; you date someone so you can decide.  

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