Why don't fellow Jews just condemn Zionism and be the true light unto all nations?

We are oppressing the Palestinian People Of Color and we are allowing white supremacy to rampage the world unchecked.  

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    2 months ago

    You remind of of Robin DiAngelo, who is ethnically Jewish, and if you don't know the author of the best-selling book called "White Fragility".  Your rhetoric could also be straight out of Tim Wise's "Open Letter to White People".  As a white non-Jew, I tell Jews unless you want white people to start noticing, which they will, then recognize this behavior and condemn it, not deny it or be apologetic.

    "Positivism," wrote Gesso in his meditation, "is a word, in language of barbarism, in philosophy a presumption. Its genius is sufficiently indicated by its chosen name, in which it qualifies itself not like other disciplines of thought, by an object but by a host."  Positivism, as used by this dear user, devalues particularly the cultural and spiritual significance of that with a European origin.  And what she calls for is already being enacted by the left-neoliberal Establishment that runs the country.  And because of this, the Christian West, in particular white Christian America, should wake up.

    Home Report The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

    The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

    Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy:


    What Republicans should do going forward:

    One key concept of the founding of the US was that there would be no corruption of blood, but the current Democrats are pushing for slavery reparations. Reparations for what? They were slaves, not citizens, and slavery was legal at the time, but they don't care. Prior legality doesn't matter to them, and they will punish you for what are in theory the sins of the father. They believe in corruption of blood.

    "The people's veto" is a word for new mentality.  

    I saw some Vox or Huffpo, or some other Establishment race's post, on how federal grants were going disproportionately to States and areas within States that supported Trump, and how Trump's tariffs disproportionately benefited states that voted for him. And this was meant to guilt Trump supporters, and some nonsense, and say, "Oh, you guys claim to be for the free market, but it looks like you're socialists here."

    Look, if that's socialism then I'm a socialist. Let's stop being chumps. It's always been that if the Republicans win, we get to endure the rigors of the free market, and if they win they get all sorts of free goodies and protections and sinecures. This has to stop. Take away their goodies and make them pay for our goodies. Kick them out wherever we can get away with it, and just do what we want, and judges can make noise.  

    I didn't write the law, I never agreed to it, I ignore it, and I nullify it. We should enact the people's veto. If the Feds don't like it, strap up and come after us if you think you're hard enough.

    Step up against what is the true far-right. In a functional sense, we are the so-called 'left.' We are the working class, we are the Third Estate, pitted against the professor priesthood and the ruling elites.  

    As the Establishment goons gain power, they punch down and against the Third Estate and against the real left, and as they have ascended to power, corporations have consolidated like never before. Corporate control over free speech is greater than ever before. They don't need company stores anymore, they just have you herded into their monopolistic corporations like Amazon. They don't need Americans, they'll just import scabs from every corner of the globe. 

    The Middle Class defined as workers with stocks in companies. I.E, the real practical way in which we actually achieve worker control of the means of production, that is being destroyed as these fake leftists have gained power. In fact, they hate the true way in which worker control of the means of production was practically achieved.

    They hate the Middle Class, largely out of a racial animus. A large and powerful Middle Class of workers with stock, who own the means of production, in a people's economy that strictly circumscribe monopolies and prevented the mass-importation of labor that would weaken the bargaining power and undo all of the progress that has been done to create a real people's economy in the United States. And that is precisely what these people are doing.  

    These fake leftists call themself 'Bread Tube,' and that's such a great name for them. They are bread for conformity, bread to have an authoritarian view of knowledge, bread to be terrified of any social ostracism, bread to be the shock troops and intellectual bodyguards for the corporate Establishment, and for all of their work they are given scraps of bread by the Establishment. A fitting name for these solum worm-tongues, these ultra-capitalists, who farcically call themselves socialists, who champion a monopoly of Sanhedrins to define what is true, where truth is established through the socially constructed authorities at their place and time in history and what they happen to say. They rage at any expression of white Christianity, and are champions for the supremacy of Islamic Law, and they promote institutional racism on a scale that would make the old segregationists look like pikers.

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