Why are my ears popping so much?

I live in the flat lands of Illinois, but I go to college where there are a lot of hills.

My ears always pop on the way there, and my freshman year nothing seemed abnormal: my ears would pop when I went up or down a big hill and that was it. 

When I started my sophomore year, my ears started popping a LOT. They didn't just pop when we went up big hills. They popped all the time even when I was just sitting in my room. When I say pop, I mean any time I opened my mouth there was a crackling sound, and sometimes a big pop. It was always in my left ear, never my right. I saw a nurse and she gave me decongestants but it didn't help. I got a stuffy nose one day and I blew my nose and it felt like it clogged my left ear. That night I got a really bad fever. I eventually completely lost hearing in my left ear. My nose got stuffier and I was blowing out excessive amounts of blood and mucus. I went to the doctor, and they gave me antibiotics for an ear infection. I got my hearing back, the swelling in my ear went down and the popping totally stopped. Fast forward to this week- I went to tour an apartment after having lived at home in Illinois for 6 months because of school being cancelled. I was in the town for maybe 4 hours and now I'm back home, and the popping in my left ear started again. It's just like before- any time I open my mouth it crackles and pops, even when I'm not moving or changing altitudes. Can someone please help me figure out what's wrong with me? Thanks in advance!

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