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What if the Romans had won the Battle of Teutoburg Forest?

Really, what I'm wondering is that if it only led to a somewhat longer-lived Roman Empire, which eventually gave way to a modern civilization similar to our own with all of our technology, but in which Germanic paganism and the associated culture was annihilated before taking hold, then...

In that case, today what would we call posters who make deliberately rude or inflammatory posts (instead of trolls)?

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    "in which Germanic paganism and the associated culture" It had already taken hold.

    Rome often adopted existing religions, subsuming them, Mithraism is only one example. And Rome possessed large areas of what is now Germany, Germania Inferior and Germania Superior.

    Teutoberg was only one battle, and it was only a battle in the sense of the loss of the Roman legions, in reality it was a series of ambushes and skirmishes. Driving off the German tribesmen would not be decisive for Rome.

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    It's impossible to know. Even a much smaller alteration of history would have far-reaching and highly unpredictable consequences. All you can do is speculate, but in all cultures at all times, disruptive "trolls" have been part of the social structure.e. 

  • 2 months ago

    It would have collapsed sooner as the new borders would have been harder to defend 

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