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If you knew your neighbours were watching you would you be more careful?

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    I do know my neighbours are watching me. And I watch my neighbours. It's one of my favourite pastimes. Neighbours watching neighbours is what people do. People are nosy. People are people watchers. People literally travel places, like beaches and boardwalks and malls and squares and cafes and pubs and so forth, for the express purpose of people watching. Everybody's always up in everybody else's business. Everybody. Neighbours, especially. They may not say anything to you about what they see your goings-on are, but they're saying it to people in their houses and to others, too. Humans-- it's the nature of the beast.

    So would I be more careful? No. I'd be the same amount of careful as I am now because just like I watch my neighbours, I know my neighbours watch me. If I lived somewhere out in middle of nowhere where I had no neighbours who could see me, hell, I might walk around naked outside, who knows? But I don't. Few do. And I, like most, have neighbours. And rest assured, they are watching me, just like they're watching you, some more than others, but all of them, ALL OF THEM, to some degree, are watching. So I comport myself accordingly, as neighbours do. It's just being neighbourly. 

    Case in point:

    I recently bought a new house in a suburb. 

    My next door neighbour who owns the house to the east of me is a single, thin guy in his mid-40s. He's an accountant at a local university, according to my neighbours across the street and west one house. Aside from his parents, who live catty-corner behind him on the next block such that their houses face opposite directions and back gardens touch at a corner, and other than his sister, I have literally never seen a woman visit his house. Only guys. Mind you, the guys are all hunting-type guys who ride motorcycles and snowmobiles and so forth, but they're all guys. I'm pretty sure he's gay. That's the gossip anyway. He's completely unaware of this gossip from what I can tell.

    My next door neighbours to west of me don't own the house but are renters and have a whole slew of young, feral children, not bad children, but unminded. I'm farely certain they are on the dole and are part of an integration programme that puts lower-income families into middle-class neighbourhoods to give their children access to better schools and so forth. These neighbours are pikies, or their parents are. Their parents have a caravan--a nice one, granted--and park it beside their home about four or five months of the year and live out of it. Also, they appear to have numerous pikies living in and out of their randomly as they treat their front garden not like a front garden but like a car park. It is not uncommon to see their drive and garage filled with the tenants' cars, those who actually rent it and are the parents of the children, the caravan parked beside their house, and four or five cars parked perpendicularly towards the house in their front garden. 

    My neighbours across the street only recently moved in, about a month ago. I'm thinking she must've got up-the-duff in high school because they look to be barely in their thirties, but they have an entire troupe of fair-haired chidlren. Their eldest, a boy, is about 14. They have a daughter who is about 12, a son who is maybe 10 or 11, and then a big space before having a daughter who is still a toddler. They are working class, but clearly make a decent living, decent enough to afford that house and all those children, who are all well-mannered, well-dressed, clean, and polite. The eldest boy likes to spend his time shirtless and barefoot in shorts playing netball in the drive and riding his bicycle in the drive and up and down the street without any real place to go. The 12-year-old daughter is also out quite a bit and has made friends on the street and is often seen riding her bicycle with other girls. The 10- or 11-year old boy is clearly an inside kid. He is rarely seen outside. Since moving in, they have installed a swimming pool in the back garden as well as a trampoline. They frequently have large family gatherings on the weekends where cousins and so forth show up. I've never seen any of them ever wear a COVID-19 mask or do any kind of social distancing and due to some comments I've heard they've made, they are of the conservative variety who think it's all a hoax.

    My neighbour directly behind me, whose back garden squares up exactly with mine, she is a recluse who is middle-age. Her house and garden are immaculate and beautiful, extremely well-maintained. But she has paid help do all of it. In the year I've lived here, I've only seen her once through a window. I have never seen her leave her house, not even to step out onto the back porch or anything. I've never seen anyone visit her except her gardeners and so forth. Word throughout the neighbourhood is that nobody's seen her. My single sighting of her piqued great interest among my neighbours as many of them have lived here for years and never seen her.

    The neighbour to her east, who is catty-corner behind me and directly behind the gay guy's house, this is a house that a couple who have four students at the local uni studying medicine purchased to have their children live in while at university as they saw that would be less expensive than housing them separately because after their children are finished, they can sell the house for a profit as housing prices in this neighbourhood, despite the pikies who live next door to me, has been going up between 5% and 10% a year for going on two decades now. They are three brothers and a sister. They mostly keep to themselves, what with the programme of study they are in being quite rigorous. Not party students but studious students.

    The neighbour to her west is middle class. He owns farm lands that he leases to tenants as well as a dairy farm he manages himself through employees. She runs a catering business. They have two sons and a daughter. They apparently teach their children to be industrious and don't hand them pocket money or whatnot because his elder son, Jacques, 15, has gone around the neighbourhood looking for odd jobs to earn money, so I pay him to cut my grass, something I mostly did because, one, he seems like a sweet kid and a hard worker and, two, his dad has been for no reason that I can discern more than a bit of a prat to me just with general comments and whatnot, so it's my way of extending an olive branch. Also, two of my neighbours have told me that he and his company actually built my house in 2002 on prospect that someone would want to buy it, so I would like to not have such an acrimonious relationship with him if for no other reason than if there are issues that come up with my house that I can ask him about history and mechanics and so forth. Since hiring his son, he is not longer such a prat, but he hasn't exactly warmed, either. 

    So, you see, just living in this neighbourhood a year, I know all the goings on. That's from watching. I have no doubt at all that my neighbours know just as much about me from watching.



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    No,I'm always careful when I'm making nitroglycerin.

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    2 months ago

    No. They lead very boring lives and need a bit of excitement now and then.

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    Careful of what exactly?

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    I don't see how they could.....we're higher up and elevated.....we look down on them -       (slanted moutainside. )

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    No...I've got nothing to hide.

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