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Why do we call this Country America when people do not act like Americans anymore?

America use to stand for the preservation of Life Now we celebrate its destruction

America use to be a place where God was allowed now you cant even say his name without someone shoving a He dont exist in your face as if your not allowed to believe

America use to be a place where if stuff like these protests happened it would not lead to Americans dying for no reason at all

America use to be a place where our schools were not warzones 

America use to be a country where people would be willing to die for her now they sit back and laugh at her screaming for help

America use to be a place where we believed in each others Goals and Dreams now we sit back and allow people to attack those dreams

America use to be a place where the Founding Fathers were considered Revered Now Americans **** on everything they stood for

America use to be a place where the law was strict on stuff like murder and its pretty much allowed 

America use to be a place where cops were allowed to arrest the criminals now we defend the Criminals and go after the cops as if their the bad and Criminals are the good

I am Warning you America you are on a slippery Slope and if you do not change your ways I see no future for this Country and just so you know its not Trump destroying America I may hate him but Im not stupid...Americans pose The greatest of all threats to America right now with their choices and their actions...even greater than ISIS

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    You have presented a very idealized history of the United States. Perhaps you don't choose to remember the problems.  

    There has always been, for instance, discrimination. There has always been racial injustice. The current efforts are to try to address those continuing issues.  

    Periodically, individuals attempt to make their views known through protests. This is one of those times.

    Protests in the past have led to people getting killed. Think about the people who were killed in the 1960s, for example, for peacefully protesting for civil rights for African Americans. 

    The Founders are still respected but they were not gods. They founded a government based on the concept that all men are created equal but maintained a system of slavery, thereby rendering their stated ideals hypocritical. That led to a very bloody Civil War. 

    You should try to address the issues affecting the present and think about improvements for the future, rather than remembering the past with a rosy overlay that doesn't comport with reality.  

    (Also, I'm not a stickler regarding grammar but the correct usage of "use" in your question would be the past tense, i.e., "America used to be...")

  • Simple, Americans are contaminated already and must be placed on a recycle bin.

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    You know nothing of American history,, do you.

  • Anonymous
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    If you hate the President as you claim, you are part of the problem, not the solution. As for your reference to the name America, I assume you mean the United States of America. America was the name given to the two American continents by the map maker Martin Waldseemüller after the explorer Americus Vespucius who mapped the East coast of South America in the 16th century.

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    The problem isn't America, its you.

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