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can someone please translate this?

I would very much like to know what this says.

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  • Ben
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    4 months ago
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    It's in Japanese, but I can tell that it's not written by a native Japanese speaker. It's full of grammatical errors and odd word choices. The handwriting is scruffy enough that they are probably well used to writing the characters, though, so possibly they are Chinese?

    That image is too small to make out everything, but I found a larger one by doing a reverse image search. 

    Top left:

    "By [can't make out the kanji, but it's a verb) fear and malice, he can raise is fighting power."

    White section:

    - Elf and human half breed 

    - Height: 170cm (self-reported)

    - Occupation: Assassin

    - Gildoa Trade Union / brotherhood, No.44

    - Scars on his (can't make out this kanji). His right eye is not his own. His abilities are unknown (possibly -  it's a bit hard to work out what the writer meant here, because the sentence he used (能力が知らず) simply doesn't make sense here, so I sort of have to guess).

    -Can generally be though of as a pervert. Can use any means to achieve his goals. He can become very focused on this. (More or less a villain, I think...)

    This whole bullet point is very badly written, full of poor grammar, mistaken word choices and unnatural-sounding sentences.

    - "A duel? This isn't a duel, I'm just going to kill you. (lol)"

    Middle-right text:

    -Generally hard to trigger, but once you set him off you're dead.

    This one was the worst of the lot. It's very clear what they meant to say, but it's equally clear that they don't know how the hell they are meant to say it and just used a very sparse knowledge of Japanese to write it.

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    I can't make out all the characters. The second and third line say "Height: 170 cm", "Profession: assassin" (I believe?). It's basically information about the character.

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