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Normal for interior design job to order furniture a bit at a time?

If an interior designer designs your home and handles installation of furniture, is it normal to order a few pieces of furniture at a time and not have seen an overall plan?

I bought a new apartment and hired an interior designer to handle all aspects of the interior design.

I thought that I’d be shown all the furniture and a total plan so that I could see what the finished project would look like, before placing orders, but I’ve been shown a few pieces of furniture at a time and have been told to order them.

No painting or other background work has been done and I haven’t seen a plan showing how the interior will look when done.  I also don’t have a TV but have been shown a media cabinet to order, even after I’ve stated that I won’t have a TV and don’t think I need a media cabinet.

Is this how it works?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    As an interior designer myself, that's not how I work, let's put it that way. 

    You are the client: if you specify no media cabinet that seems a clear enough brief.

    But this sounds hopeless. How do you know what this is all going to cost? 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your designer should have  provided you with at least a floor plan, showing furniture placement. There are 3D design programs to virtually see a decorated room. A good designer is a good listener and should give you what you want, not what they want you to have. Therefore communication is ultra important with your designer.

    You said no TV, so, do not order that entertainment center.

    I can understand ordering one piece at a time once the floor plan and futniture style is approved, but you have not even been given that courtesy.

    I would call a meeting with your designer to finalize wall color and other finishes and insist on a floor plan before you buy one more thing. If you and your designer cannot work together, let them go and begin over with another designer.

    I had been called to a job to help a lady pick rugs and furniture for a dining room and living room. We met for a two hour consultation as she described what she liked and most importantly, disliked. I got a good picture in my head of what she wanted. We went window shopping for four hours  looking at furniture and rugs. 

    She wanted a rug under a rectangle table. We agreed upon a rug size to accommodate the dining table and chairs she selected on our shopping trip. Well, she took it upon herself to buy a round area rug because she loved the center medallion. I explained that the rug would not accommodate the rectangle table and chairs she had chosen. She then changed the table order and ordered a round pedastal table and  became upset that the beautiful medallion was not visable because the table covered it! Ugh.

    We agreed on a paint color for the living room and that was chosen after we picked out couch upholstery. The room was painted before the furniture delivery. She changed her mind on the upholstery fabric, without my knowledge,  and then complained that the wall color was wrong when the couch was delivered. Then  against my recommendation, she bought this huge oversized chair and ottoman and then bytched that it crowded the room.

    I walked off that job because my client was high maintenence and kept changing her mind without me knowing or realizing the consequences of her choices.

    You, on the other hand, are not getting what you are asking for. I would find a new designer if I were you.

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