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Can a landlord carry out cleaning/repairs on a house charged to tenants, before informing them?

I’ve rented a student house this year with flat mates. We were supposed to be getting our deposit back by July 14th. After chasing it up several times they have came back with a list of exoensive damage repair and cleaning bills. We are disputing it and they have said they’ve already carried out the list of things without sending us evidence or warning beforehand. Is this legal?

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    If there is an extensive/expensive list of damage and repairs along with cleaning then as you were the tenants, you caused the damage and didn't clean it, so who do you think should pay for that....that is what a security deposit is paid for, so reductions can be taken out of it to pay.

    If you have proof no damage/re[airs were required that is you have photo proof and/or a signed off end of tenancy inspection then you have a claim, if not then you can be sure the landlord has that proof

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    Which body did they use to hold the deposit?

    If there's a dispute, then the deposit service arbitrates.

    Do you have dated photos of the house from when you cleared it?

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    Yes it's legal.  You were supposed to leave the unit in the same or better condition as when you moved in.  It sounds like you left it filthy & the landlord had to pay to get it ready to be re-rented.

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    YES. They do not have to check with you or get any approval from you to clean the vacant unit.  They do what needs to be done & give you the list of charges, That is how it works!  If you disagree with the charges you have the right to dispute them in court. 

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  • Anonymous
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    Of course it's legal.  

    You did receive warning beforehand.   It's called your lease.

    Are you trying to imply that AFTER you vacated the unit they were supposed to call you and ask you to come back to clean and perform repairs so you can save money?   They aren't your mommy.  Your access to the unit ended the last day you paid rent.

    You're free to sue for your deposit back.   They probably have photos and receipts so good luck. 

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