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Why are gamers so looked down upon?

I'm a female gamer (WoW and Animal Crossing). Whenever I mention being a gamer, people assume I'm single, lonely, poor, unhealthy, and have no life.

I'm a married mother of 2, very healthy (aside from asthma that I've had since I was a child), work full-time as a teacher, and have a wonderful life. I just also happen to really enjoy gaming. Why is that a bad thing?


John - How is it anymore a waste of time than other hobbies?

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  • Kinda answered yourself with the last part of that first paragraph, because that's how most see us. And you and I both know that's NOT true, for the most of us at least.


    At the same time, many view gaming as a time wasting hobby instead of a "beneficial" that's another strike against us

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    it's mainly a stereotype and its another means of enjoyment some watch Netflix and tv shows some play video games it just who you ask. if you enjoy playing video games its not a waste of time.  

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    It's an old fashioned view on the world. Everyone has something they do to wind down. Some folks watch TV, some read, my grandmother likes to crotchet. There's nothing wrong with anyone playing video games.

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