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My mom won’t let me go to school?

I know it’s coronavirus but I would really like to go back to school!!! Online school made me want to kill myself and very depressed. My mom doesn’t understand that. I want to see my friends and I can’t learn staring at a computer! My mom is so clingy and she thinks I’m her property. When I told her about my depression she didn’t even care and just doesn’t want me to get sick and bring it home getting her sick too. I get that she is worried and so am I. But I cannot stand online school!!! I will shoot myself if I have to go online. Someone help what to convince my mom to go back to school. I will wear mask and glove. 

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    1 month ago

    You live in your mom's house, so she's making the rules. Just enjoy the time you have away from school. When you'e out in the real world, you won't have the luxury of chilling all day. By the way, your depression will be worse if you get infected with covid, bring it home to your mom, and she gets really sick or dies from it. Maybe think about the importance of protecting her.

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