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What would you think if your homeowners’ association were sued in Federal court by a homeowner for fraud?

Would you be mad at the plaintiff or mad at the homeowners’ association board?

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    I don't know. You've given no information that would make me decide one way or the other. Maybe the plaintiff has a valid reason for suing. Maybe the plaintiff is a nut who would sue anyone for any reason and has no valid reason for suing. Maybe the plaintiff is merely mistaken in thinking there has been fraud. Maybe the HOA did commit fraud. Maybe the HOA did not commit fraud. Maybe the HOA made a mistake that might be interpreted as fraud unless you know all the details of whatever it is.

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    I would suggest that a federal court would probably throw out the suit and suggest you try a state court. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No need to be mad.  If the HOA is at faul and lost, that will be very good.

  • Mike
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    1 month ago

    What's the use in being mad? I would want to know the facts and hope that if the HA committed fraud, it would be held fully accountable. 

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