I'm worried about a friend!?

I have a friend that I have been friends with since we were kids. We were summer day camp friends. We did not grow up in the same hometown. I have always had concerns that she has social anxieties and seems disinterested when we go hang out together or to any social outings or small parties. I also have concerns that she is not someone who is motivated to do things that 27 year olds should be doing. She has never had interest in learning how to drive. I can understand the reason why when she was younger (went to college in Chicago; 1,000 miles away), but now she's 3 years out of school and lives at her mom and grandparents' apartment in an area that is not walking/public transit accessible and still doesn't seem interested to try to find a job outside of home that can help her live on her own (she does online stock trading). It is frustrating for me that I always have to be the one that drives when we get together since she does not have any reason that makes her incapable to not learn how to drive. I also feel bad since I think I'm the only friend she still stays in touch with since she has had falling outs with high school friends and I just want to get her out of her place every once in awhile. Then she acts like she doesn't want to be there. 

I'm about to move away at the end of the summer and I feel like I'm going to abandon her. I also feel like I'm going to abandon her if I end up getting a significant other. 

Any thoughts

NOTE: This was going down before pandemic. 

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