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Which filters do I remove when using Jungle fungus clear?

I am using a aquaclear 20 hob filter.  It has a biomax insert, carbon filter and sponge insert.  Which filters do I remove when using jungle fungus clear?  Thanks in advance 

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    5 months ago

    Removing fungus using safety nets.

  • 6 months ago

    Does it tell you to remove the carbon filter?  You only have to remove the carbon, the black grit that is in the filter cartridge, and you only have to remove it if it is new/active.  if it has been in the filter for a month, it is not going to affect the meds.  You will need fresh carbon to remove the trace meds from the water after treatment. you should remove the sponge and the bio max thing as well, and keep it somewere safe and wet.  then after removing the trace meds with fresh carbon, put them back.  This way you have some untouched biomaterial to keep your tank cycled.

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