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What can cause ear infections in infants?

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    The same thing that causes ear infections in older humans: bacteria.  Babies often have a more difficult time clearing their eustachian tubes and blowing their noses, and have immature immune systems.

    Ear infections are caused by a bacteria or virus and lead to fluid buildup in the eustachian tubes, which prevents them from draining normally from the middle ear. Ear infections often occur when a child has a cold, sinus infection or allergies.

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    Generally it's because their ears don't drain, so bacteria appears. Alternately viruses can cause it.  If your infant has chronic ear infections, you need to see an ENT.

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    letting them cry and get real pissed off too much doesnt help, forces stuff into the eustachian tubes .. but its pretty common, alot of times if its chronic the best thing is to get 'tubes' put in their ears to keep the pressure relieved ..

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