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Am I Bipolar??

I am sick of this! One minute I am happy and have a lot of hope and energy, The next minute I am down with a lot of intrusive racing thoughts and mood swings. Also, when I am down my mind bring up my sexual abuse and make me angry and want to be the person up that did it. There are days when I am down I can't concentrate. I get Agitated and Frustrated easily. I also talk a lot at times when I am introverted. I am on medications for general anxiety and depression. I feel like I have another underline mental illness that hasn't been addressed yet. This problem is ruined my life. 

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  • Liz
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    2 months ago

    Bipolar mania or hypomania need to last for a week while depressive episodes needs to last for 2 weeks under the criteria from the DSM-5. 

    I can't say if you have bipolar and no one here can. You mentioned that you were sexually assaulted which can cause PTSD which can have similar symptoms.  Do you have a sexual assault helpline where you live? Therapy could be helpful as well as medication, but you need to see your doctor to be properly diagnosed which can lead to treatment that will help you take your life back. 

    I have attached two websites about bipolar and ptsd.

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