Why are Democrats reckless spenders? Clinton stole money from SS and Obama doubled the national debt. Democrats want more stimulus now.?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Dems can only buy people. The right earns their vote.

  • Reagan quadrupled the national debt.  Bush Sr. added about 1.3 trillion to it.  Clinton balanced the budget and created a budget surplus.  Bush Jr. doubled the debt and created a $1.2 trillion deficit in his final budget.  Obama decreased the deficit from there to $450 billion and his final deficit was $600 billion.  Trump's 3 budgets have each added over $1 trillion dollars to the debt, and the losses from this pandemic are expected to add another $3 trillion to the debt.

    Do you know why we do stimulus packages?  Because we remember what happened when we did nothing in '29.  Within a few years, over 1/3 of the populace was out of work and a lot of people lost their homes.  Farms were closed down, factories were shuttered, breadlines formed and zoos sold their stock as meat.  Is that what you want?  Do you want a repeat of '08, where millions of people lost their homes and we had a recession?

    So stop cherry-picking in order to make your "side" look better.  Republicans are just as bad at spending as Democrats, and stimulus packages have a purpose.

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