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Who are the best men for marriage material in Canada for a white christian woman?


(money not being a factor)

Update 2:


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  • 1 month ago

    Well, hey, Karen. 

    Have you tried Gustaf in Toronto? I hear he's elderly but still 'fit'. Ahem. He also owns a pet grooming business with his buddy, Nester. Bring him a cherry pie, you are golden. He loves cherry pie! Can you make pies, dearie?

    There's Albert in Ottawa. He's about five foot tall, but he's also an albino. He attends the Church of the Sunset Dawnings. He does not believe in birth control or that Finland is real. He's a fixer-upper but very sweet. 

    Terrence in Nova Scotia is a second-place seal hunter. You'll eat good all winter, not just superbly excellent. You might need to have a big garden, a hutch of rabbits as Terrence can get in a funk, not hunt at all. He's very moody but he broods, too. He is a supporter of Radiant Knights, who support the forthcoming Apocalypse. Whatever one is next predicted. 

    Okay, I've given you some jumping off places. Have fun. Remember, anal doesn't count as 'real' sex in Christianity so...just saying. If you wanna sample or test out the ahem you'll have to spend a lifetime with...yep. [Divorce would not be in your horizon, ever, yes?] 

  • 1 month ago

    Bob and Doug McKenzie EEHHH

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    An Amish man.  You sound desperate,.

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