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I've never done my taxes where can I start? ?

I've never filed taxes in my life. I started working with my mom cleaning houses at age 19, we earned cash every week. We started in 2011 and finished on 2018. I got married and my husband is an immigrant. I'm a U.S citizen and applied for a green card for him his case has been accepted but I'm thinking we may have to prove some sort of tax forms from my part or his? He works on construction and gets payed cash as well. I don't work now ever since we got married and now I'm pregnant. Where can we start or do first for us to file taxes together? 

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    1 month ago

    it sounds like the "Bad Boys" be coming for you

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    You needed to file your US income tax returns every year, whether employed or self-employed, earning cash or payroll checks. You have committed income tax evasion & tax fraud by failing to file & pay US income taxes on your earnings. You need current year paystubs (or your business records if self-employed & tax returns), plus your last 3 years of US income tax returns. You must prove you earn enough to support self, all dependents, plus the person you sponsor. 

    You need to hire a tax attorney & tax accountant urgently to sort out your tax problems, file all your returns, pay all your back taxes with interest & penalties, etc. You should have handled all this before attempting to file to sponsor your foreign husband. You could be in major legal trouble here (your mother might be, too, since you worked with her). Your husband should start arranging your immigration to his country, but you still have to clean up your US tax mess - which could prevent you from sponsoring him for failure to meet earnings requirements, with proofs in the form of the properly & timely filed tax returns.

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    Start by giving your life savings to liberals.

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    1 month ago

    So you are married to an illegal, who is also guilty of tax evasion, or identity theft. And you yourself are guilty of tax evasion. And you want us to help you. Wow.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    You'll need three years of tax returns but you can go file those retroactively. I'd suggest you work with a preparer such as H&R Block. The fact that your husband appears to be working illegally and committing tax fraud though isn't going to help his case. If he doesn't have a social security number and you're hoping to file jointly he'll have to apply for an ITIN number. Given that it seems he's committing a variety of disallowing crimes I'd also suggest you talk to an immigration attorney. 

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    2 months ago

    So you defrauded the taxman, EVERY US citizen regardless of where in the world they live, regardless of how they are paid is legally bound to file taxes each year, every year regardless of if they owe tax or not........... so yes you are heading for problems as you as the sponsor needs to earn enough to sponsor AND provide 3 years of tax returns

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