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Has Robin ever tried on Batman's suit?

In the movie i remember he took the Batmobile for a ride. But has he ever gone as far as trying on the Batsuit and impersonating Batman?


Update: Steve Guy, I never knew Alfred had put on Batmans suit lol

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    Not that I can remember. There was a time where Nightwing, a former Robin, was Batman for a couple years after Batman was lost in time. And also there is a comic where Alfred dresses up as Batman as a distraction to an enemy while Batman is preparing an attack. 

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    Only to get catwoman to sleep with him.  she likes cosplay

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    It happened in 2013's Batman and Robin, Annual #1.

    Damian Wayne (the current Robin) sent his father Bruce on a scavenger hunt around the world, all so that Damian can be Batman for a few days.

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    Robin is also an alter ego. One cannot be Batman and Robin at the same time. Several people who have formerly been Robin have served as or impersonated Batman.

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