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What would happen if the dam broke in Netherlands?

Would the whole country drown?

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    The Dutch legend is of the boy who put his finger in a hole in the dam to stop Holland flooding. 

    The Dutch have always been very mindful of the fact that a large part of their country(Netherlands) is below sea-level. As a consequence they constantly maintain their dykes.  In the provinces of Noord/Zuid (North/South) Holland are famous for their windmills. These windmills were early technology to pump water so the country did not flood. 

    During the Second World War and again in 1953 (extreme bad weather) s large part of the country was flooded. The Second World War event was done purposely to stop Nazi(German) usage of their ports. The 1953 event was a natural disaster and brought a large part of the country to a halt. 

    Today on the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway) Europoort there are storm flood gates , which are closed in the event of storm surge high spring tides.  At Ijmuiden there is a dike that performs three functions, 1. separates the North Sea from the North Sea Canal. 2. It has three sluices of differing sizes to allow shipping to pass, 3. It has a generating station; the water movement makes electricity, & 4. There is a causeway across it to allow traffic to cross. 

    Their biggest piece of civil engineering is the Afsluitdijk, a dike that is approximately 25 miles( 40 km long) separating the North Sea from the Ijselmeer (formely the Zuider Zee). Currently they are raising the dijk height, mindful of the fact that sea-levels are rising. 

    The whole country would NOT drown but a lot of people would be displaced eastwards towards Arnhem, Deventer and Enschede, which are on land above sea level.  

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    There is no "the" dam

    Half the area of the country is below sealevel, and could be flooded when enough things go wrong

    Source(s): dutch/NL
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    what dam?   do you mean the Afsluitdijk ?

    That dam protects the area from flooding at high tides and storms. 

    see article in wikipedia.                        

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