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I just signed up with affiliate marketing program Adssupply and this is the first time ive ever done anything like this.  Im a dump truck driver by occupation.  Id just like to hear from anyone who has invested money with them about their experiences. Thanks for any feedback i get.

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    4 months ago

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    When you do affiliate marketing, they expect you to get a website to run their ads.

    The idea is that, when you have ads on your website people will click on them to see what it is about.  And people who have products and services need to advertise them on line to get customers.  And they will PAY to have their products and services advertised.  So if you have their ads on your web page they are paying YOU to run the ads.

    And customers see the ads when they come to your site.  And you have been told that you will earn between 1 cent and 1 dollar for every ad click you get.  if 10,000 people click in a month you could earn between $100.00 and $10,000.00 - sounds GREAT!!!!

    (And when they click they sometimes buy...and when they buy things that generates income for the seller.)So you spend the money on a domain name and a website package.And then you get their ads and put them on your website.And NOTHING HAPPENS!Why? many times do you visit a website that is nothing but advertising?

    So, you decide you need to put something on your website to attract people.  So you take some pictures of rainbows and birds and write little poems and put those up between the ads.


    WHY?  Because there are 50,000 or more websites out there, and there is nothing on your website to make it special enough for people to visit it.  As a matter of fact, your website is like a craft booth at the fair that is set up behind the restrooms near the place where they dump the manure from the farm animals.

    It is not in a place people can get to or even see.

    So How do you make your website VISIBLE?

    You ....ADVERTISE.  You pay for advertising.  As a matter of fact, you may even wind up paying ADSUPPLY to run pay per click advertising on other people's websites in order to drive people to your website so they can click on ads for you to earn money to pay people to click on your ads.

    So...unless you have a website that is ALREADY getting over 100 visitors a read this have learned enough to make your own conclusions.

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