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What is the meaning of investment? Is it timid or brave?

I believe that many people just feel that they have enough money to spend and they are safe, drinking with friends on weekends. They have spent their lives in cycles, but they didn’t find out where to get money from when they were in a hurry to use money. In the end, they lost money. So in my outlook on life, I think I should fight for my life and make my life better. Valuable, do not waste your life, so that you can buy what you like and want, without restricting yourself. Since I realized investment, I feel that my life has taken a very big turning point. Foreign exchange investment has allowed me to earn the first pot of gold in my life. It has turned me from darkness to light. Believe me and you can do it together. Family members

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    Life with money could be Satan's trap and will own you and you not own it......

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