Fried cpu?

So was playing my pc and all the sudden boom shut down. So I still have lights on the motherboard and gpu. When I try to power on the watercooled cooler lights for a brief second then nothing. 

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  • 2 months ago

    IMO, I think the motherboard might be having issues. 

    However, last year I bought a 2nd hand system that the seller thought was broken. The system would only stay powered on for a few seconds then it would shut off. It turned out the heatsink wasn't correctly mounted which was causing the CPU to overheat almost instantly. 

    You could try reseating the heatsink/AIO Cooler but you'll need new thermal compound to do that. There could also be a blockage or the AIO cooler has a bad pump. I would also suggest following David's advice of testing the RAM and the connections.

  • David
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It could be a faulty PSU, motherboard, faulty water cooler, actual CPU failure is also possible but rare.

    Strip everything down to bare bones, 1 stick of RAM, onboard GPU if possible disconnect the water cooler temporarily from the fan headers/USB headers, no SSD/hard drive

    and see if you can get a boot. If you can, then start replacing the various bits until you find the fault. If the bare bones won’t work then you will need to take it to a tech where they can swap out with known good parts to find the fault.

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