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I just discovered my hair is wavy and don't know how to take care of it?

So there's pictures of my hair as a kid wear it was curly but I never understood how to care for it because I didn't have anyone to show me and recently I've found out about scrunching and brushing with conditioner and my hair is wavy? And it dries wavy but still looks messy so I brush it to get rid of it, does anyone know in detail how to take care of wavy hair because I'd love to keep it wavy if I knew how to care for it

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  • If you want it to be wavy, do not brush your hair. Use a wide tooth comb on it. 

    Try using some curl creams and some anti frizz products. You should also use products that are meant for curly / wavy hair. This type of hair is usually dryer then other hair types, so you should deep condition and or use a leave in conditioner frequently.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    One thing I would say is be sure to let it air dry or towel dry. Blow drying it can cause frizz. Try scrunching it with a tshirt instead of a towel and wrap the tshirt around your head to let it dry. You could also get some leave in products especially for waves and maybe some styling balm to make certain pieces stay where you want and smooth things out a bit. Also if you don’t wanna brush out the waves but it’s still pretty tangled just carefully finger comb it a bit. Keep in mind a little mess is okay it’s a style.

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