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Could retired military staff be homeless while refugees are given free welfare benefits all round?

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    Yes.  We have a fair share of homeless ex-military who cannot fare for themselves due to PTSD and similar conditions upon returning from combat.  But the immigrants are incarcerated, they don't have real homes either.  And worst of all many are separated from their kids, who are also incarcerated, but elsewhere.

    The bottom line is this.  Capitalism is incapable of ensuring that everyone gets their fair share of essential goods and services like food, clothes, shelter, education, transportation, and healthcare.  We are the richest nation in the world yet we have a large percentage of people, including children, who lack some or all of the essential goods and services.

    And that's a damn shame.

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    Yes, in the case of the US which is a "free will" country if someone, retired vet or otherwise doesn't have or earn sufficient $$$ or can't manage the $$$ that they have, they can end up homeless. It's up to them in a "free will" country to apply for whatever social assistance they may be eligible for.

    Legitimate refugees may be eligible for available social assistance programs. There are NGO social assistance organizations who may guide and assist those eligible refugees in applying for and receiving social assistance.

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