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HELP! Badly dyed hair that needs fixing?

Unfortunately, due to being an idiot and bored in quarantine, I did what everyone else does and dyed my hair. I went from light brown to blonde (using a platinum almost white dye, I'm guessing this was my first mistake) and it's turned my hair really brassy and orange, and undyed in some areas. Hairdressers aren't open right now, and I can't go around looking like a cheeto. 

I have another box of this hair dye left - should I wait a few hours and do it again? Will it cancel out the orange and at least clean up some of the patchy areas? Or would doing that ruin my hair? Don't get me wrong, I rarely dye it. It's in semi-good condition, though I don't wanna break it badly. This dye seems to be really strong. 

(I used the ABSOLUTE PLATINUM 00A by Schwarzkopf, btw) 

Help. I beg. 

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2 Answers

  • If it's patchy then try to even it out with the box of dye you have left, only apply it to the darker areas of your hair. Use a hair toner after you manage to even things out. Dyes don't remove brassiness, so it would be pointless to re dye your hair. You should have just bleached your hair then toned it. 

    If your hair is still a hot mess, then go see a professional and have them fix it. 

  • 2 months ago

    Don't be foolish a second time.  Go to a colorist.  Don't be silly saying salons aren't open. Of course salons are open all over the U.S.  If you don't want to ruin your hair, you'd be smart to call around and find a colorist to see if they can use a toner on your hair to pull out some of the brassiness.


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