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ATTN: hairdressers, stylists, colour specialists! HELP!!!?

ATTN hairdressers/blonde specialists!!!

Before I ask anything, please don't @ me for wanting to do this on my own (don't worry, no bleach involved LOL). I always go to a salon, but I'm actually pretty good at most things hair-related despite not having any formal training, so I want to try this on my own with products that are available to me.

I LOVE my hair colour currently, but will be wanting to go cooler/darker before September. Right now, I have a blonde balayage (highlighting anywhere between level 6 and 10+) with medium brown roots and pieces throughout with a neutral to warm tone.

If I want to bring my highlighting down to more of a smokey, ashy dark blonde (bronde) come fall, which toner and developer would you most recommend? Keep in mind, I don't have a license so I don't have access to salon product. I'm happy to try anything from Sally Beauty or Ulta (available in Canada).

Thanks in advance!

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