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Question about Appeal hearing.?

So long story short, i was recently dismissed from my Job. I filed an appeal in writing to the address they provided, Sent tracked and confirmed it was received... heard nothing for 18 days so i E-mailed it in and said i was going to go to early conciliation, They responded within 5 minutes. I've done a bit of research but i can't really find anything online about it.

 So, 1.  Is it appropriate for the Appeal to happen in the same place i was fired from? I'm only asking as it's going to be super weird turning up at the place i was fired from a month ago, Having to walk through everyone i used to work with feels rather intimidating. 

2 Who can accompany me to an appeal meeting. Seeing as i'm technically no longer an employee can it be whomever i choose? or am i still confined by the Government Guidelines for disciplinary meetings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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