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Should the second fight between Ali and Liston have  gone the other way?

In Ali Vs. Liston 2, Ali knocked Liston down in the first round.

But the referee, former boxer Jersey Joe Walcott,was unable to begin the count, as Ali refused to go to a neutral corner.

This gave Liston time to get up, and the bout briefly continued.

But shortly after, Walcott as informed that Liston had been on the canvas for 20 seconds, so Walcott stopped the fight in favor of Ali.

Here's the problem.

1. The rules of boxing do not state that you have ten seconds to get up, it states "to a COUNT of ten."

That's why, when Douglas knocked out Tyson in round ten, after being himself knocked down in round 8, Douglas was declared the winner by knockout despite earlier being given a long count lasting roughly 13 seconds.

2. Ali was violating the rules and the referees instructions by repeatedly refusing the go to a neutral corner.

If I were the referee, I would have disqualified Ali for that, and then Ali can tell the world how it feels to lose by DQ while his opponent was on his back.

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    1 month ago

    Nope, Ali would of beaten him regardless and Jersey Joe shouldn't of been referee in that fight because of obvious reasons.

  • 1 month ago

    The fact is Joe Walcott formerly known as Arnold Cream was an incompetent referee. He lost total control of the fight. Ali is running around the ring and Liston did not finish that fight laying on his back on the ground. The fight was officially already over but Liston was back up fighting again. I believe if he threw the fight he would have stayed down. Also talking about disqualifications Marciano technically could have been disqualified for hitting Walcott clearly after he went down in the first fight. You are right the fight could have ended that way reason being Ali refused to listen to the referee or did not do what he was suppose to do go to a neutral corner. You know the whole thing reeks. Lewiston Maine some unknown small town hosting a large heavyweight championship fight. There are several theories Liston was mob control The Nation of Islam. These are only a few. I also heard Liston was highly motivated for a rematch only 6-8 months after the first fight and Ali had an emergency appendix operation that put him on the shelf. The first fight was February 25 1964 and the second fight was May 25 1965. Liston just lost interest. 

  • 1 month ago

    At least violations of the rules produced no aggression to his opponent. So while he stood there. He wasn't beating on the man that was on the floor or kicking him he was just standing there. He had some pretty clear intentions of blocking the count on his opponent because he really wanted to fight his opponent some more to humiliate him. But when it comes down to a referee decision did Ali interfere with his opponent trying to get back up no he stood there. He illegally gave his opponent more of a chance then he should have gotten. And no there's no disqualification for that. Now if his opponent would have jumped up off of the mat and beat Ali up and knocked him out how he would have been the laughing stock of the world. 

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