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Got fired for going to father’s funeral? ?

Okay I’m asking again because I couldn’t go into detail. This is for my coworker, Jack. We work for a company where our shift changes every week. At the end of each week, we write in the days we can’t work for the following week and our boss plans accordingly. Jack’s dad died. Jack told our boss BEFORE the schedule was written that he couldn’t work Thursday because that was his dad’s funeral. Boss scheduled him for Thursday anyway. Jack went to see the boss and expressed that he couldn’t work bc of the funeral. Boss basically said he didn’t care but someone needed to be there Thursday. This happen all on Last Sunday. Jack got Cherice to cover his shift and Boss  said that was fine. Wednesday, the day before Jack’s dad’s funeral, the boss fires Cherice for something unbeknownst to Jack so no one ended up covering Jack’s shift. The boss fired Jack yesterday because he “never got anyone to cover his shift” I mean, he fired the person who was gonna cover his shift. How is that Jack’s fault? Someone please tell me that was wrong to do! Everyone seems to say Jack is at fault. 

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    Unless you live in Montana or were working under and personal or union contract you are working AT WILL.  Meaning you work AT WILL of the boss.   So short of discrimination,  he can fire you for anything he wants.    You are better off not working for that boss.  You can make sure all the other employees know how unfair he is.  

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    If he didn't double check if the person actually showed up to cover for him then it's entirely his fault. I would have quit if he wouldn't let me off for a funeral anyway, so at least he can now get unemployment benefits and hopefully he gets a better job with a more understanding boss.

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