In the southern U.S. states, do snakes enter people's homes?

How do they gain entry? Through doors, windows, basements, occasionally does anything come up through plumbing such as bathtub faucets or toilet drains?

In what parts of the suburban U.S towns are snakes commonly sighted inside of homes?

Can you specifically name some states and cities where this happens?

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    6 months ago
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    Sure, I found two Prairie Ret Snakes in my house this year .  They were small and got caught on a sticky board .  I put sand allover the sticky board and both wiggled free and went on their way outside . A man in the next county over got bit by a little copperhead in his shoe .  He thought it was a sock and when he reached in to retrieve his sock the snake bit him on the hand .  He was treated for snake bite and is fine now .This is Texas . 

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    Yes they can and Florida Georgia go hand in hand.

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    Way down south?  Not typically.  the gators tend to eat them fiest.

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    6 months ago

    Many states have snakes. 

    Common to see them in parts of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona.  

    I have friends who have seen many snacks on their driveway and garage. They advise visitors to stop and look before getting out of the car or house,

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  • 6 months ago

    If you leave something open, there is a chance they may enter.  No overly common.  Even less common is for them to end up in the pipes.  It has happened from time to time though.

    This isn't a 'southern' states thing.  This is anywhere there are snakes.

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