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Atheists do you believe Jesus existed or not?

I'm an atheist but I don't know if he existed or not! I'm trying to see which one most other atheists believe! lol

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    I’m not really interested and I guess no one will ever know for sure.

    Obviously the “Jesus” as portrayed in the New Testament didn't really exist because many of the actions and events described aren't possible.

    The character might have been based on an actual person or people though.

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    I'm leaning toward him actually existing.  If so, he was just a guy of course, and they made up the supernatural stuff about him.

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    Jesus was documented by non-biblical sources at the time. That he existed is not in question. The term 'Atheism' refers to a disbelief in God and that has nothing to do with whether a preacher named Jesus existed.

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    It is pretty obvious he did not.

    Had such a character existed as advertised, there would be many records of him.

    There are none.  That alone is conclusive.  It isn't belief, the facts are there, reality is not conjecture.  Religion is.

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    I don't believe one way or the other and since I stopped believing in a god, I try to avoid "beliefs" in general.  There isn't any compelling evidence that suggests that Jesus existed and none of the "supernatural" events surrounding his birth and death were recorded.  On the other hand, there are good arguments for his existence but there are also sound arguments for early Christians, like Paul, believing that Jesus was a purely spiritual being and that his death and resurrection happened in the spiritual realm - you do realize that the Epistles never quote Jesus or refer to what he taught...

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    It's certainly possible there was a religious figure called Jesus who said some or even most of the things attributed to him. It's also possible that other biblical figures like John the Baptist were around as well, and that they were put to death. He may have even claimed to be the son of god, there are plenty of people who say that today after all.

    Was *any* of it supernatural? Nope.

  • If you are an atheist, try to become a believer, praying to God that He will reveal Himself to you. Otherwise, if you remain in your conviction as an atheist, you will be judged in hell, after this earthly life.

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    Personally I think there was an actual apocalyptic preacher who gathered a following that the later stories were built around, but he probably had little resemblance to the Jesus Christians worship today.

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    I think it is likely that the Gospel stories were based on a real person. I don't believe the supernatural stuff, but he may have said some of the things recorded in the Bible.

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    There may have been a historical Jesus. There were many "rebel" teachers at that time given the political climate in Roman Pallestine. Though the stories can also be an algamation of religious thoughts of the time. It seems to me there is obvious neoplatonic philosophy and Jewish reform in the new testament which is a good reflection of the authors regional and cultural context. Many of the famous sayings attributed to Jesus had been said prior by Rabbis attempting to reform their faith, such as Hillel.

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