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Do you have to start acting young?

I have recently chosen my gcse choices and because I have one less than last year I couldn’t pick drama, I thought I knew what I wanted to be but now o have no ideaand acting is a career I’m considering as it seems really fun, do you have to start doing acting quite young to get into a career? How do you start getting into acting?

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    Have to? No. But the earlier you start pursuing it the earlier you get into professional acting. That's because it takes about a decade, give or take, of building a resume strong enough to impress legit agents. You need an agent, a good one, you can't just go to auditions for professional jobs, they are not open to the general public. And no agent takes on amateurs or beginners, only highly-experienced and highly-trained people. That includes child and teen actors. Child and teen actors started out when they were very young - as young as 5-6 year old. Some started out as babies or infants because they were the kid of a cast or crew member at the time when the production needed a baby/infant role to fill, so they grew up doing this job. Also keep in mind that most teen characters are portrayed by adults who only look younger because they have more experience and no legal restrictions, and most kid characters are portrayed by older kids.

    That being said, if you've never tried acting why don't you try it first? The reality of acting and pursuing is VERY different from what people imagine and you might be more interested in the fantasy of what you THINK is like. Before you commit to anything big, apply to some local low-key acting classes. Listen to the feedback. See if you can handle it. See if you're good at the craft and if you enjoy it and the process.

    In addition, research the business side. That's what it is after all - show BUSINESS. Understand that no one's in this to make your dreams come true, they're in this to make money. Productions invest tons of money and they need to know it's in the hands of people who know what they're doing. No one's just discovered and handed an acting career. Being an actor is like running a business where you are the product you need to market and sell. You need to know all about the industry, how you fit into it, and how to navigate it. Backstage. com is a good place to start.

    In short, first make sure it's worth the huge investment of money, time, and work. See if you're capable of pursuing it on a professional level mentally, physically AND financially. Make sure you have a true passion for the CRAFT itself - as opposed to the fantasy of being rich and famous, having fans, walking on red carpets, taking interviews, etc. If you do it for the wrong reasons you will fail before you even start.

    If after all of that you find that acting is for you and you're still interested in pursuing a career in it, start working on that resume of yours: Apply to a top-quality acting school (where well-known and respected teachers teach and successful professionals graduated from, not just any acting classes or any acting school). Get yet more training in the form of workshops and masterclass and the likes (also run by well-known and respected people). In addition, start auditioning for any local non-professional work you can, such as student and indie films. Also audition for or join a community theater or youth theater. Anything that doesn't require an agent. Constantly land leading roles. Win awards for your acting. Take vocal and dance lessons. Also study and master other skills to give your resume a boost (for example: horseback riding, ice-skating, martial arts, acrobatics, dialects, mime, etc.).

    Since you're a minor your parents MUST be involved. Starting from doing the research with you, supporting your goal financially and legally, and going to the auditions, shootings, rehearsals, etc. with you. You HAVE to get their approval to pursue an acting career and they HAVE to understand their part in this. They will be the ones running your career till you're 18.

    I'll be honest. In the UK it is EXTREMELY hard to become a working actor. In fact, if you *don't* start early your chances are close to zero. Only few get into those top acting schools every year, and they're all already very experienced and talented not only at acting but also singing and dancing. These schools are also very expensive and they're located in the big city where it's also very expensive to live. But no agent will even consider you if you don't graduate from one of those. So what I suggest is that you start by getting experience and training, take vocal and dance lessons, and in a few years (when you're 20-something) you'll try to get into a good acting school. Use this time to prepare yourself, to better your chances.

    Cogito knows more about acting in the UK, so I'll let her tell you more. But I think you should ask yourself WHY you want to be an actor. "Because it looks fun" is not a good reason, I'm afraid.

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    Let's hope that the performance spaces, aka theatres etc, are open again after Covid by the time you are seeking to earn money in acting.

    Acting can be fun, I enjoy acting on the amateur stage, but it can be difficult getting an acting career going, so you really have to concentrate on the 'dedication to job' before thinking of the fun.

    Good luck, I hope you make it big time.

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    No, it is the talent that matters.

    Sydney Hughes Greenstreet

    (27 December 1879 – 18 January 1954)

    A  British-American actor.

    Did not begin his career in films until the age of 61,

    Kathleen Doyle Bates (born June 28, 1948)

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