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How can celebrities on Epsteins flight log say they had no idea about his antics when they went to his island? ?

Didn't they fly on his plane the lolita express?

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    A lot of celebrities do not want their names connected to Epstein, so they are naturally going to say they knew nothing. They do not want to be tarnished with the same brush as Epstein.

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    1 month ago

    Hundreds of other things happened on that island besides men ******* children. Parties, celebrities, rich people, "networking" for money. Epstein funded Harvard and scientists and politicians and royalty. There were adults having sex, BDSM kink, adult prostitutes, etc. Not everyone was involved in pedophilia. You guys keep going on about Clinton, but we know he boned a 23 year old, not a kid. The ones with kids have actual accusations from underage victims (Jeffery, Dershowitz, Trump). Prince Andrew's teenager was technically legal.

    edit: You need to realize most Hollywood parties are like this. Creepy dudes traffick girls and women (sometimes boys too). Celebrities show up, most of them idiots on drugs who don't know what's going on. See: Bryan Singer's parties.

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