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Why is it ok for horse riders to let the horses poop anywhere when they ride them down the road side?

I just saw a few young ladies riding some horses down the road side in front of my house when one horse in front stops and takes a pretty big poop right on the side of my lawn.  Not to mention they were riding on my lawn instead of the pavement. This is probably the 5-6th time I've come home to the big pile of poop on my grass,the 2 ladies watching it happen had a nice laugh and simply start riding on after the first one finished up it's poop. I went outside to  ask the girl if she could clean it up and stop letting it poop on my lawn every time she rides by. She just says, sorry horses poop and she doesn't have to clean it up.........I just sayd whatever and they rode away.  So I guess I'm asking horse riders what have u done in this situation?  Have you ever had yr horse poop on someone's landscaping and just not give a care or would you deal with the poop?  I should add I was polite to the ladies no yelling or anything cause I know horses can be jumpy sometimes. Hell I even like horses but just not pooping everywhere around the neighborhood.  Am I being rediculos? Sorry I don't mean to pick on horse riders just wondering why this is ok. Thanx

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  • 3 weeks ago

    No this is not ok!! If they are going far away from their stables/pastures (or really where ever they keep their horses and supplies) then they should have cruppers on their horses. If the stables/pastures are nearby then they should be coming back around with a wheelbarrow or muck-truck and some shovels to clean it up. I've been riding horses sense I was 9 and would never just leave my horse's poop in front of/ in somebody's lawn.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    How are they meant to clean it up? With what and put it where? It's not like it's tiny.

    You could ask them to return if they can drive and clean it up. Put a fence around your lawn and there would be no problems. Put it on your flower beds. She shouldn't be allowing it to go on someone's lawn but you try moving a horse when it wants to stand still and poo. Near impossible. Some will move and some wont. 

  • Ocimom
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    1 month ago

    Well unlike dogs where you have a leash and can pull them aside and clean up, she is right.  Horses poop and you can't control when or where they do it.  Unfortunately there is no way to clean it up when you are riding.  

    When I had my horse, I had wide open spaces to ride and they would go when needed.  IMO she should not be riding in a residental area or neighborhood.

  • 1 month ago

    Find out where they live, box up the poo and mail it back to them.

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  • 1 month ago

    You should report them. And they can clean it up, and they can at least get their horses to ride off your lawn before they poop. You could also tell them to get off your property.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Horse manure won't harm your lawn. Not even when it's fresh. And most communities do not have ordinances that require riders to pick up manure when it's dropped. The rider who told you horses make manure a lot is correct. They are not like dogs, and can't be house trained or trained not to defecate in a particular area at a particular time.

    With this said, however, I will point out to you that these riders were being extremely RUDE by riding over your property without asking permission. Trespassing is a very different thing than just leaving a pile of manure somewhere. If really want these people to quit riding on your land, you need to put up some No Trespassing signs. If they still ignore those, then (much as I hate to say this) you need to call the sheriff on them.

  • Mmm J
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    2 months ago

    Horses are herbivores (they eat grass and other plant material - and "horse feed" all made from plants).

    While some think all poop is gross, herbivore poop is "less gross" than that from omnivores or carnivores (which eat meat). I think horse poop is WAY less gross than dog or people poop.

    It would be nice for them to pick up the horse poop - but it does make for good fertilizer (option 1) when it gets spread around.

    You *could* put up a sign that says "Please pick up your horse's poop - the horse isn't going to do it" and see what happens (option 2). Perhaps keeping a rake, pooper scooper and small trash can available so they can clean it up is possible. That way you can trash it or use it as fertilizer.

    You might consider putting up a fence so the horses can't get to your lawn (option 3). It is possible the horses have shoes - and the metal kind are very slippery on asphalt - dangerous, even...

    Also consider researching the laws in your area to understand what, if any, rights you might have related to what's happening. You could also speak (nicely) with the owner of the source of the horses and ask why someone needs to muck the stalls - but not your lawn.

    Good luck! Personally, I don't think it is that big of a deal... When one lives in "horse country" it is infinitely easier to live with them being around. They are great listeners.

    No, I don't own a horse; I have been around them more than many and have picked up more than my share... I do have a dog and always pick up her poop.

  • 2 months ago

    Any time my horses poop on someone else's lawn or driveway, I come back and pick it up.  Whether the residents see me or not.  That's just common decency.   Fortunately, I live in an area with plenty of space to ride, and don't go riding on other people's property without permission (another big issue).

    I don't know many riders who do this, but it definitely makes for good relations with the neighbors.  They should not have to be cleaning up a big pile of **** someone else allowed to be deposited.

    Yes, horses poop.  No, you can't stop them.  That doesn't relieve the rider of the responsibility for dealing with the aftermath. 

    If she's riding someone else's horse, I would contact the owners and politely ask them to have her keep the horse off your lawn and to curb her horse.  If she's a teen or younger, I would try to find out who she is and talk to her parents.

    You could also raise the issue at a local government level, and find out what recourse you might have.

    I agree this can be a really big problem - fresh poop kills your lawn and is disgusting to leave.  It gives the horse community a bad reputation (sigh....  deservedly so).

    eta:  Ben, just saw your answer.  Since you own the property they want to ride on, you have a LOT of leverage.  Call the farm and tell them that if the poop and the rudeness continues, you're closing the trail.  Then follow through.

    As to the answer that suggested you collect it and make money...  that's baloney.  As the owner of a huge pile of pure composted "brown gold,"  I can assure you there's no money in it.  If I want it removed, I have to PAY the landscape companies to take it.

  • Edwena
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    2 months ago

    You must be one of the environmentalist types.  Remember back a few years ago when they got a regulation that said only certain trees in a forest could be cut, and no equipment could be used to haul the trees out.  So the loggers used teams of horses.  But, that made the environmentalists mad because the horses pooped in the forest. So they got a regulation that required that a poop bag be put over the rear end of the horse to catch the poop. So, you might try that.  Complain that the horses have to have a poop bag. 

  • Wilson
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    2 months ago

    I am not familiar with the laws in your part of the world. 

    But I'm guessing the horse rider knows the law. Otherwise she would be cleaning it up. 

    My question is. Have you considered collecting it and selling it? You might make a fortune selling it to landscaping stores where it's sold for fertilizer. 

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