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Can I collect unemployment for the week  ?

I was out of the US visiting a sick family member . I came back on Monday, August 3rd in the evening . I worked 2 days and called out sick once.Can I claim for the week that just needed August 3rd-9th ?


That just ended *

Update 2:

I was available from Aug evening and the remainder of the week . You can still get unemployment if you work part-time . Do your research before providing input.

Update 3:

Do your research people . I did not make “myself Part-time idiot .” I was in the US this whole week . I see you have problems with reading properly, Chelcee. Lol

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    That would be fraud.  Do you think that the government does not keep a record of who comes and goes and when?  They know exactly when everybody comes and goes, years back.  I know - I learned it from a border agent when I was stopped and questioned at one point.  We chatted and he told me the dates I had crossed dating way back.  I was surprised.  The records were accurate too.  Messing with the federal government is not smart.  Fill out your claim ACCURATELY.

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    NO - you can NOT.  Unemployment is for those who have been laid-off or a business closes it's doors.

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    no. dont know why youd want to. they are supposed to seize all your assets first to protect the tax payer AND THEN they dole out the unemployment to you. a hundred dollars a month. you can live on it if you try. but I would imagine it would be a waste of time for a week of "sickness".

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    You swear on the application that you were able and willing to work for the week.  You were not "able and willing."  You were not in the USA.

    You're the one with the problem.  You're the one who posted the question.  I didn't.  PLEASE don't tell me to do my research when you couldn't do yurs.

    I have NO IDEA which State you are asking about.  Unemployment is NOT Federal.  It is a matter of State law and State policy.

    You claim for the days you were able and willing to work.  You DON'T claim for the days you were not.  Unemployment in MY State is not available for part-time employees.  The $600 Incentive WAS available, but as your research will prove, it was discontinued a week ago.

    Do your research before posting.

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    NO your not eligible, you were not available to work

    And do your research, calling off sick is not a reason to collect unemployment

    So before you start with the your stupid comments, you better do your research

    Unemployment is for laid off employees, not for employees visiting, calling off sick or not going to work

    Your employer has to have laid you off and contacted the state you were laid off and the reason why

    The only one here who does not seem to know the answer is you

    Part time you say? Sounds like you made yourself part time and was not available to even work part time hours as you were not in the country and you called off sick

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    Unemployment is for people who are fired or laid off for no fault of their own.   To qualify for unemployment, you also have to be available to work, and lookong for work.

    You wont get it for calling off sick.   That is what sick pay is for.

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    why would you be eligible?  you weren't available for work and you weren't laid off

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    You were not 'unemployed' you worked for 2 days and then called out sick.........

    Add: So to qualify you had to be actively seeking work and prove that

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    probably not but every state has their own rules, check your states website

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