Dream interpretation help?

Had a dream my cousin I was close with found a way to come back from being dead and as long as he stayed near his mom he was ok. As much as I loved him being alive and helping her around the house, I knew it was setting the natural world off balance. When I walked outside there were piles of freshly dead white Bengal tigers piled up around their house. And they were like 3 times the size of normal tigers. Just giants!  

Is it just a dream or a deeper meaning?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    Your dream confirmed your own belief system.  You said that this boy who had been dead, was alive when he was near his mother.  And you also said that it was "setting the natural world off balance."  You were right.  I  agree.  When you went outside what did you see?  The natural world was "off balance"  with dead tigers.  And they were "huge" tigers, so there again "nature was set off balance" in your dream. 

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