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I had a very strange dream. Is there any meaning behind it?

Before I went to sleep last night I was upset about a guy and I was crying quite a lot. I have been getting mixed signals from him and I've been very stressed out about it lately. I'm scared to make a move because I'm afraid of rejection.

When I finally fell asleep, I had a dream that me and my dad were at the pond and we were fishing, and out in the distance we saw a golden retriever and her puppy. They both looked very content but for some reason me and my dad panicked and we felt like we had to go rescue them. When we did get them out of the water, the golden retriever took her puppy back into the water and continued to float in the water as she was previously doing.

Then, out in the distance on another side of the pond, there was an angry gorilla. It was tearing stuff up and everyone at the pond was afraid of the gorilla.

That's where my dream stopped. I looked up the different symbolic meanings and I found that golden retrievers represent relationships and loyalty, while gorillas represent disorder, anger, frustration, etc.

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    Allow Life to enfold day by day,  as it comes to you.  Don't rush Life.  Let it unfold by itself.  Trying to do more then that leaves you wondering if you were supposed to do what you actually did.  The dogs didn't ask to be rescued, did they?  The gorilla made you afraid but he wasn't coming after you, was he?  Let Life unfold, day by day, moment by moment, and don't force Life in the rush living. 

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