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Is Ironman suit possible ?


Are repulsor beams possible?

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    No because the amount of energy required to use it would make it too big and heavy for a person to wear, also you couldn't really fly using your hands and feet, you'd just crash.

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    No and no                                            

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    The repulsor part is not possible in any way by science as we understand it at present & may never be.

    The only way to get "thrust", based on the principle of conservation of momentum, is to throw away mass.

    The amount of thrust depends on the amount of mass being thrown and how fast it is thrown.

    Purely electrical power alone cannot do anything; it can be used to accelerate mass, but the mass must be added, in some form, and that must be stored in the suit or vehicle and re-supplied.

    On the first line of the question - almost!

    A guy called Richard Browning is making and selling flight suits that give somewhat similar results:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I suppose you could also add an exoskeleton for physical strength, like the US Army HULC system!

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