Medical advice for story please! (Starlight Express based)?

I'm writing a story that involves two characters getting caught in a lightning strike. (It's a Starlight Express fic, so the way things happen may seem unusual.)

One character is hit directly by the strike. The other is caught in the electrical fallout because he's touching the first character at the time. The first character, who was built to conduct electricity, comes round and carries the other character - who was not built to withstand such currents and is still unconscious - back home. Once there, the first character collapses. But there is only one qualified doctor available. 

So my actual question is, if these guys were human, which would you get the doctor to see to first; the second character who has been unconscious longer, or the first character who has just collapsed?

Thank you!

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  • John
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    1 month ago
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    Triage (tree-aaage) is the process by which doctors evaluate who needs care the most, when the situation has more than one patient. Like after a train wreck or in wartime. The doctor - being a doctor - would examine each patient and check pulse, breathing, responsiveness and general appearance in order to make that decision. And then he/she might give one patient some certain attention and then look at the next, and back and forth

    Real answer is the patient who needs care the most, not just your simple description. As gauged by a real doctor.

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