People who claim you are fake, a fraud, telling lies about you when you are honest and true?

Hey everyone, I know this sounds crazy, but there are people like this forums where they claim they know everything about you and call you out, and I tell them they don't know a single thing about me.

I had received comments from Fanatical Muslims, Racist Tahitians, BLM supporters, radical Antifa, etc etc. Their rudeness and self righteousness is simply unbelievable and they don't know a darn thing about me.

Only when I mentioned I am an international traveler/fotographer with a high flying mileage did one man on youtube refrain from his hateful sarcastic comments (he deleted it immediately).

Your thoughts please? Honest comments are welcome. 


@ Kowabunga, Hello good to see you again !! Thank you my friend for the honest words and kind replies. 

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    That's how the internet is in a lot of websites. People will literally just predict who you are from a cartoon picture and a username.  If I was you I would stay away from the website. It's why I stopped using reddit. People were so rude there and major big nerds

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