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Polo Shirt Buttoned up? ?

I’m 14 years old and starting puberty! I live with my dad.. just us 2.. My facial hair is starting to grow.. I’m not a fan but my dad won’t let me shave it... he says it’s not good to start early and I should embrace the manly look... then he’s been out and bought me about 15 different polo shirts different colours and designs! And when we go out together in public I have to wear a polo shirt and look smart! He makes me button up my polo to the top as he likes me too look respectful when I’m out with him... I have attached a photo and with the covid pandemic I have a face mask on too! Is this normal? Can my dad do this? It’s like I have a dress code for home and dress code for school too? 

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    It's annoying i bet but remember that he does this in a loving way. However he can't dictate you. i think your only option is to calmly stay that you don't want this when he forces you and he'll probably realise later on that what you look like is not really up to him. You're probably gonna have to compromise a lot of times but you'll get there eventually.

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    If this is the only thing you worry about, you have no idea how lucky you are.

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    You'll appreciate it in about 10 years when you realize some parents don't give $h|t what their kids are wearing and it shows. 

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    it makes you a troll

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