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Why are department stores failing?

I went to my local Target to get a new sheet for my bed.  Queen sizes were all out of stock.  I didn't even bother looking for a towel.

Then I went to Belk online (a Southern chain, like Macy's) and found a huge selection of sheets and towels, and I got sheets for cheaper than Target had.  The towel was only $2.99, which was a rock-bottom price.

I never cared for Belk as a kid, but now I'd shop there again.

So why are department stores failing, but Target and Walmart (and Amazon) succeeding? I was impressed with the huge selection and low prices at Belk.

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    5 months ago
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    The Democrats have shut down many business'.

    Amazon.com and Walmart.com, et al have picked up sales Mail-Order. The delivery which used to be same day, or next day can be up to a month now.

    The Democrats would prefer to collect their bribes from a couple of BIG STORES, than hundreds of insecure Mom & Pops.

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